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Great Combination

4 Social Networks

Understand and Analyse your competitors' strategy on 4 Networs: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Get complete insights in a graphical format.


Not just numbers, we have something for your creative team too! Find new content and inspiration across brands & industries. See what works best in your industry.

Sentiment Analysis

Is your competitor's content more postitive than yours? Have a look! Inclick Track provides world-class Sentiment Analysis on all posts from all networks.

Word Cloud

Create a word-cloud in one click and understand what matters the most to brands. Colorful wordclouds look really classy in reports too!

Intelligent Insights

Inclick Track provides Intelligent Insights using AI at different points. These insights provide a short summary of your entire data in 2-3 lines. Look out for them!

Promoted Posts

Crack your competitor's paid strategy. Understand which posts are promoted easily and understand how it's affecting their overall page growth.